Razzle Dazzle Cabaret

Arse                                                                  Bow 

or tits?                                                               or stern?

                                    Razzle Dazzle

                                                                    Am I coming

or going                                                          starboard           

to port? Or port                                          to starboard?     


                                    Am I One

                   OR MOREMOREMORE?


Wherever         I cause                                        a come on

                I go               waves             but is it                      

                                      or a cold shoulder?


Am I FAST? Or retiring?

Are you bedazzled?    Confused?


Is my zig my zag?        My flim my flam?


                                     Razzle Dazzle


Unreliable gal

A tart with the changeable weather of the heart

Is that me or the sea?

  Invisible in plain sight

  Hocus pocus Camoufleur


I’m flamming my flim. Zagging my zig.


  Razzle Dazzle


But don’t you prefer it to Haze Grey?


This poem appears in the anthology 'Signal' (published by the Edinburgh Arts Festival, 2016)  to celebrate the anniversary of the World War 1 'Dazzle'camoflaged ships painted in Leith Docks after the loss of life during the Battle of Jutland.                                                     

Stephanie Green