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'A strong and focused debut'. Scottish Review of Books.

'Flout, if it is not a dance, should be one. These poems dance.  I swear I could feel the movement throughout.  Flout is unusual, deep, musical, beautiful, and above all, true.  There's no posturing - just a real voice saying sometimes unreal things.  It's rare to see a chapbook so much at one with itself and its world.’   Enda Coyle-Green.

'Green's poetry meditates upon folk culture, and politicises physical space by interrogating notions of body and sensuality....Green does indeed flout our expectations,  re-anchoring Flout as a collection by unifying subjective experience with the great, wide forces of nature, culture and elemental force.'   Glasgow Review of Books

' overarching sense too of 'northenliness' , of the poet finding herself...and being transformed within this landscape.....There is a distilled sense to these poems that makes them pure and keen.' The Bottle Imp, ASLS, Glasgow University

'... this collection so readily evokes Shetland as to make it recommended companion reading to take with you on any visit there.' Stephen Keeler,  Northwords Now, Autumn, 2015. 

Discussion of 'The Njuggle' in terms of transformation in  Kim Moore's  Blog.

A personal response to one of the poems  'Shaela'   in  Sphinx Review.