Wee Nippy Sweeties

Aw the weans in Gallowgate, ma grannie said

kent the Lucky Midden sweetie shop.

She wid staun like Aladdin in his cave,

her penny growin hot and sticky in her haun.

Rows and rows of sparklin glass jars.

Whit to choose?  Bilings,  Bull's eyes, 

Batchelors Buttons,  or green Soor Plums

shoogled oot in a rattlin cascade.


Ma grannie sooked on wee nippy sweeties. 

Aye, she had a sharp tongue too, 

but Mint Imperials brocht a tear tae her ee.

It wis Black Jacks for grandad and Victory V.

Ma ain is Gobstoppers and Sherbert Lemons,

Bracelets and Love Hearts. Wha loves me?

Ma sister is mad aboot Jelly Babies.

Ah bite aff their heids first, she nibbles their toes.

Ah took a scunner tae aniseed tho grannie said 

Cough Tablets are guid for tickly throats.

Mair like it, is Tablet that sticks to your teeth. 

They mak Sugar Free noo. Are they kiddin' us oan?

Published in an anthology left in carriages on the Glasgow Metro as part of the 'Clockworks' project.

Stephanie Green