General Features

General Features (Print version only)

Numerous for The Cambrian News, Aberystwyth from 1988-95.

A selection of the most interesting Interviews with:

On the company, Laura Ashley's 40th Anniversary, Mike Overton, Buying and Manufacturing Director and Moira Braybrooke, Heritage Collection Director, Carno, 7th May, 1993;

Ruth Lambert, owner of the Lambert Collection at the MOMA, Y Tabernacl, Machynlleth, 2nd April, 1993;

Bernard Roberts, international pianist, at Theatre Ardydwy, Harlech, 2nd Oct, 1992;

Jim Perrin, acclaimed rock-climber, travel writer and journalist, 3rd Jan, 1992;

Deilwen Evans, President of CADNO (the Welsh-language anti-nuclear watch dog society) at Trawsfynydd, 27th Dec, 1991;

David Firth, Chairman of Snowdonia National Park Society, 25th Oct, 1991;

William Condry, naturalist and writer, also of the Guardian's 'Country Diary', at Ynys Las,  11th Oct, 1991.


Ghost-writing Martyn Lewis, broadcaster and Chairman of DFY and others in the Annual Report for Drive for Youth (charity based in Gwynedd and London) for a presentation at The House of Commons, Nov, 1993.

Numerous features for Cornish Life magazine, including:

'A World of its Own: the IMS (International Musicians' Seminar) at Prussia Cove', an interview with Hilary Behrens, March, 1984;