Winner of the Alastair Reid pamphlet competition, (Wigtown Festival, 2023.)

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'Ortelius’ Sea-Monsters’ is outstanding in terms of its source of inspiration and the varied ways in which the writer examines the fantastical beings to which the reader is introduced within its pages. I relished each encounter, fascinated by the different ways in which each creature is described. This is a work which is a triumph both for the writer’s imagination and their wide and surprising range of poetic skills.  Donald S. Murray, competition Judge.

'What an absolute triumph of a pamphlet. Moving, affecting, tight and concise but imaginative and blistering with gorgeous sounds and imagery.'   Vasiliki Albedo.

'These poems are fabulous, in every sense of that word. I'm not at all surprised that this pamphlet was the winner.  They work on so many levels.  But I think what gets me is how very human they are - dressed as they are in fantastical garb. I loved them.'                                                                           Enda Coyle-Greene, Artistic Director of the Fingal Festival, Ireland. 

       The poems in the 'Ortelius' Sea Monsters' sequence are inspired by the monsters depicted on the 'Map of Ortelius' 1590, Akureyri Museum, Iceland. Some of their names include 'hval' (Icelandic for 'whale) but they are fantastical and mythological beings and are used to explore various traumas.  Also included are two poems on the ecological plight of real whales.

                                       Previous publications:

                                       'Roider' is in The Rialto; 'Xiphius or Ziphius' is in The Honest Ulsterman.

                                       'To a Humpback Whale' is published within an article 'How I wrote...' in Poetry Wales (online)

                                       'Inside the Whale Museum' appears in Northwords Now.



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A poetry pamphlet inspired by Shetland landscape and folklore published  by HappenStance Press in March, 2015. 

Poems in this pamphlet have been published in the Edinburgh Review, Northwords Now; The New Shetlander,  Southlight 15 and the online Glasgow Review of Books. Also in the ezines Ink, Sweat and Tears, And Other Poems and in 'Penning Powers' on the Scottish P.E.N. website and 'I'm Coming with you' a (S) PEN anthology; 'My Love, the Shetland Trowie'  is in 'Mildly Erotic Love Poems, Volume 2' published by Emma Press, Jan, 2016;'Da Mirrie Dancers' appears on the Cloud Appreciation Society's website.

One of the poems, 'The Child of Breckon Sands' was set to music, for  voice and piano by Marisa Sharon Hartanto and performed by mezzo-soprano, Alison Wells as part of the Young Composers' Masterclass event at the St Magnus Festival, Orkney, 2013. Another poem 'Ayre' inspired a dance piece choreographed by Matthew Hawkins and performed by Platinum at the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, 2015.

Read sample poems:  The Wind's Rant


See:  HappenStance Press           Out of Print.

Publisher's blurb: HappenStance blog  And Another Thing Poetry can do.  



Poetry                 Publications

'Glass Works' (Cat's Pyjamas Publications, 2005). Shortlisted for the Callum MacDonald Award, 2006.

This pamphlet was inspired by observing glass-making through to finished art work by students at Edinburgh College of Art and is illustrated by photographs taken by the author or by the students themselves of their glass art.

Read sample poem:    Blue

  See : Scottish Pamphlet Poetry

£6    Out of print.


Most notable single poem publications:

'Lilas' is published in Aesthetica (shortlisted in the poetry competition), 2023;

'Clara the Rhinoceros' 2nd prize winner of the Wales Poetry Award, will be published in Poetry Wales, winter edition of 2023.

'Sanday' was commissioned by the St Magnus Festival, Orkney, 2016 on its 40th Anniversary and celebrates the composer, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, who founded the festival. The poem is published in the festival programme.

'Meadow Lane Riffs'  on the Scottish Poetry Library's website, 2005. (Selected as 'one of the Best 20 Poems published by a writer living in Scotland during 2004'.)

'Blue' in  A Skein of Geese (Shed Press), the 101 Poets anthology at the StAnza Festival, 2007, published in 2008.

'Your Voice' was short-listed by the judge Penelope Shuttle at the Strokestown Poetry Festival, 2009.


Other Most recent Poems published in Literary Magazines:

'I know I should not trust the sea' , 'Reading the Bones', 'Inside the Whale Museum' and 'Touch' published in the spring issue of Northwords Now, May 2023.

'Ziphius or Xiphius' (a sea-monster from the Map of Ortelius) is published in The Honest Ulsterman, online March, 2022.

Extracts from 'Berlin Umbrella' are published on the online The Oxford School of Poetry Review, March 2019.

'The Rhoider' published in The Rialto, issue 91, Autumn, 2018;

'Hanmer's Agate'  published in the Europe-themed issue of  Magma in April, 2018;

3 poems inspired by St Kilda are published in the Glasgow Review of Books, Dec, 2017, also online.

A full-page spread of 6 poems inspired by St Kilda are published in Northwords Now, Nov, 2017, also online.

'Love Song to Pelagic Fish' and 'Tetanus Infantum or the Eight Day Death'  published in Butcher's Dog 5 in May, 2015;

'Snowed In'  online in  Ink, Sweat and Tears ezine as part of the 12 Days of Christmas series, published January, 2015.

'Stac an Armin, St Kilda' in  Orbis, spring, 2013;

Stephanie's poems have been published in The Edinburgh Review, the Glasgow Review, Magma, Northwords Now, Orbis, The Red Wheelbarrow, Poetry Scotland, Quattrocentro, New Writing Scotland 21 (ASLS), The New Shetlander, Poetry Wales, The New Welsh Review and Writing Women.


Poems published in Anthologies

'Give me your Hand' will be published in  'Write to be Counted' blogspot and hard copy as a fund-raising for P.E.N.  Also selected for the 'My Time' Voluntary Arts project.

'Ivor Cutler' is in 'Scotia  Extremis' an online anthology appearing over 2016 to celebrate Scottish icons. It was selected to be included in the print version of the anthology to be launched in March, 2019. 

'Razzle Dazzle Cabaret'  is in the anthology 'Signal' (Edinburgh Festival of Art, 2016) to commemorate the Dazzle ships painted by women during WW1 .

'A Painter and his Son'  commended by the judge John Glenday in the William Soutar  competition, 2015 is published in an ebook via Perth Library website. 

'How to be a Fox'  published online in 'Deseeded' Vol 3, an anthology in celebration of the late Julia Darling, edited by Degna Smith, end May, 2015. View

'Eynhallow Sound' and 'Two Gifts' published in 'A Place Beyond Belief', poems written during the St Magnus Festival Orkney Writers' Course, 2013, published online

'Veriditas'  published in forthcoming celebration of Hildegard de Bingen, co-publication by Wyvern Works and Thesaura Naturae as part of the Poetry on the Lake Festival, 2012;

'Stac an Armin' in Bestiario (Wyvern Works, Italy, 2012) the 12th Poetry on the Lake Festival;

'Wee Nippy Sweeties' in Clockworks (left in carriages on the Glasgow subway), 2012;

'The Hand that Sees'  in Reflections on Lake Orta (Wyvern Works, Italy, 2010), the 10th anniversary anthology of the Poetry on the Lake Festival;

'Blue' in  A Skein of Geese (Shed Press), the 101 Poets anthology at the StAnza Festival, 2007, published in 2008.

Stephanie's poems have been published in numerous anthologies published by Cinnamon Press, Freight Books amongst others.


Poems published in newspapers/non-literary magazines/other venues

'De'l Take the Minister' on the Isle of Fetlar, Shetland, has been selected as part of the online Scotland's Mapping project by StAnza, March 2015.

'At the Rectory' has inspired a photogravure print by Ana Speedie, to be exhibited at Edinburgh Printmakers from 16th Nov-4th Dec, 2013;

'Paganini's Template in a Shetland Barn' printed on a poster on display in a public toilet in Shetland, part of the Bards in the Bog competition, April, 2012;

'My Luve', a tribute to Burns, displayed on a window pane in Dumfries, part of Burns' Windows project, Jan 2012;

'Dancers' (from 'Glass Works') in The Herald, Glasgow, 19.5.2006.



'Mulberry and Silk' written by Stephanie Green and Zoe Meyer ( Sage Press, 2003).


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