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Stephie (alias Stephanie Green)

Beginning to see the light/learn to sing

at the Fionna Duncan event at The Lot, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, August, 2007





         Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz course,  at St. Mark's   Church,  Edinburgh,    

                                                     August 2008            

Back row l to r:

Jayne Glass, Susan Mitchell, Toni Van Leeuwan, Georgia Colins, Agatha Uchendu,  Julia Geroge, Trine Agerbo Carlsen, Bob Allan, Marcia McDougall, Jules Craig  

Middle Row: Lindsey Sumerling, Helen MacAlan, Lorna Reid, Kaela Rowan, Steph Green, Pam Lawson, Luisa Martin

Front row: tutors Sophie Bancroft and Fionna Duncan with Fidelia Odili.  



Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz course at St. Mary's Music School, Edinburgh, August, 2007

(Front row from l to r) Emma McGlinchey, Joanne Taylor, visiting daughter (name?), Maria Maguire, Linda Dury, Fionna Duncan (in red), Sue, Lisa Vickers,

(Back row from l to r) Liane Carroll, Annalise Elam, Alex Barber, Morag McCall, Colin Smith  

Rehearsals with the Trio. What a privilege for a beginner like me to sing with such a line up.

Brian Kellock - piano, Ronnie Rae-bass and Ed Crow - drums.



The tutors: Fionna Duncan and Sophie Bancroft



Liane Carroll - sorry about the blurred photo, but gives best idea of Liane's style of leading a workshop