Visits to Secondary Schools

One-off workshops/visits to Upper School by Stephanie Green

Practical Workshops on poetry writing, particularly suitable for Advanced Highers English Creative Writing component. 

As a professional poet Stephanie can help students access their creativity and give practical tips on how to experiment with challenging techniques which extend their range.

As a former English and Drama teacher at secondary level, Stephanie has many years of teaching experience at 6th form level.  

Sessions on Offer:

1.  Poetry writing workshop for pupils using work by other poets to inspire their own work.

2.  Poetry writing workshop with an emphasis on a particular skill:  e.g. metaphor, free verse v rhyme, writing it 'slant.'

3.  A session on a choice of contemporary poets to facilitate close-analysis techniques.

4.  A reading of Stephanie's own work.  This can be combined with a poetry writing session on similar theme  or  formal aspects.  See 'A Writer's Casebook' below.

5.   A writing workshop producing  poetry inspired by other art forms: e.g. painting, sculpture, music or dance.

      If desired, this could be combined with a visit to an art gallery, or museum, concert or dance performance.


A Writer's Casebook
A talk on Stephanie's research and writing processes involving her collaboration with glass students at Edinburgh College of Art. The resulting  poetry pamphlet 'Glass Works' (Cat's Pyjamas Publications, 2005), illustrated by photos of glass art, was short listed for the Callum McDonald Award.

 'A Writer's Casebook' is available as talk/slide show and poetry reading suitable for creative writing students at university or to adults in writing groups. This can be combined with a poetry writing workshop, if desired. 

Reference: 'Thanks for a brilliant session with my Creative Writing students which they thoroughly enjoyed.'  

       Professor Bashabi Fraser,  Napier University, Edinburgh


Contact:  Workshops can be arranged through the Writers' Database, Scottish Book Trust but as these must conform to certain date deadlines, she is happy to be contacted directly at shorter notice.  

Prior consultation by teacher is recommended to help Stephanie adapt  the workshop most usefully to the curriculum and class' needs.