Primary School Visits

Visits to Primary Schools

1) Workshops for Poetry or Short Stories.

2) Story-telling: Performance by Stephanie  leading to workshop on story-telling and writing for the pupils. (For performance of story-telling alone see link.)

3)  Shadow Puppet-making session followed by play-writing for  performance.    Needs 2 different days, consecutive or a week apart. School must provide all  materials.

Subjects on offer:  Myth and Legends, 

                            Tall Tales; 

                            The Rain forest; 

                            Endangered Species,

                            Shape and Sound (Onomatopaeic) Poetry ,

                            Riddles and Mysteries 

                            or any other subject which fits the curriculum after prior consultation with the teacher.

Ages: 7 and up.



'Thanks to excellent teaching there certinly are 32 more poets in the world.' From Tom , P6

'All the class really enjoyed your visit when you taught us how to write admrable poems and fantastic use of onomatopoeia words like ooze and splat.'  Becky, P6 

'We really enjoyed doing everything and we found out that all of us could do brilliant poems if we sat down and had time to let our imaginations run free.  We were all surprised and pleased with ourselves. But none of this could have happend without you being there.'  Rebecca, P7


You can contact me through the Writers' Database of the Scottish Book Trust and hire me through their scheme which will pay 50% of the suggested fee. However, since their scheme has certain restrictions as to application deadline dates,  I am happy to be contacted directly for workshops at a shorter notice.