Terms and Conditions
Iona Sense of Place course

1.  You must be aged 18 or over.
2.   You must be responsible for your own accomodation  payments, at the Columba Hotel  or elsewhere and for your own restaurant advance bookings and for payment of any food and drink.
3.   The course tutors take no responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of any belongings, or for travel cancellations or delays or any mishap that occurs on your    travels to and from the island and during your stay on Iona.  It is the responsibility of the course member to take out relevant insurance.
4.  The course tutors take no responsibility for any medical emergencies.        You must be aware there is no doctor on Iona.
5.   The course tutors are responsible for the course organization and contents only.  We reserve the right to change the tutors due to unforseen but unavoidable  circumstances.
6.   Matters pertaining to your accomodation,  (of whatever nature) must be taken up with their Management.  The tutors will not take responsibility for these matters.
7.   Behaviour: consideration for others is paramount, whether to members of the course or to other guests in your place of accomodation. We ask that you are thoughtful and respectful to other students and be aware that, although there will be a lounge for private use  at the Argyll Hotel, we do not have exclusive use of the Argyll's facilities. There will be other guests staying there who are not on our course, and non-resident diners in the restaurant, and we   must show them due consideration. 
     If any   course member behaves in a way that the course tutors deem unacceptable, abusive or discriminatory, we reserve the right to exclude that person, without  course  refund.  The Hotels or B and B management will, of course, also reserve the right to exclude you for any reason they deem is unacceptable behaviour and    may ask  you to leave without refund.
8.  COURSE BOOKING.  To book your course place, you should email Stephanie who will hold your place for max 7 days. If your deposit cheque Including deposit for the Columba Hotel, if applicable) made out to Stephanie Green has not arrived by then, we reserve the right to offer your place to someone else.  The balance of the course fee should arrive no later than 3 months before the start of the course.  You will be sent no reminder.   If your cheque fails to arrive by then, we will reserve the right to offer your place to someone else. Unpaid or late balances may be treated as a cancellation.
9.  CANCELLATION .  If the course tutors cancel the course, we will refund your course fee in total.  If you cancel your course place before 3 months before the start    of the course, you will have your deposit refunded, less £50 administration fee. If you cancel, with less than 3 months' notice, we reserve the right to retain the full tutor fee. 

Contact your hotel/B and B/ hostel for their rules on cancellation and refunds.