Poetry in the Persian Tent: The Festival of Spirituality and Peace, 2012

Venue 127

St John's Church, Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4BJ

A charity event to raise money for the Old MacDonald had a Farm in Africa project (in association with Oxfam).

A series of five one hour poetry readings from Wednesday, 22nd August to Sunday 26th August, 2012, at 11am-12pm.  £10.00 entry. (£8.00 concs.) Your M.C. is Stephanie Green
                  leading and up-and-coming poets
                 from all round Scotland and beyond.

Headlining the readings:  Stewart Conn, Vicki Feaver, John Glenday, Jackie Kay, Liz Lochhead and Aonghas MacNeacail.


All events start at 11am-12pm

Wed, 22nd August:  Liz Lochhead, John Glenday, Stephanie Green and Ryan Van Winkle,
with John Sampson, a virtuoso on various wind instruments, including recorders and crumhorn

Thurs, 23rd August: Liz Lochhead, Jackie Kay, William Letford and Helen Mort
with Fair Isle (Shetland) folk singer, Lise Sinclair

Fri, 24th August:  Vicki Feaver, Jane McKie and Patricia Ace,
with Irene Railley's 'Just Voices' a capella group

Sat, 25th August: Aonghas MacNeacail, Niall Campbell and Jim Carruth
with Patsy Seddon, Gaelic singer and clarsarch player

Sun, 26th August:  Stewart Conn, Eunice Buchanan and Mandy Haggith

with mezzo-soprano Carole Clarke singing a selection of light songs accompanied on the piano by George Wilson. 

For more info on poets and musicians/singers performing, see:

Come early to buy tea/coffee, Persian mezze or light refreshments in the atmospheric Persian Tent Cafe next door to our venue, or stay later. Listen to a selection of leading poets with musical interludes.  What better way to retreat from the Festival's hurly-burly for an hour, and help raise money for a great charity.

Tickets  £10 (£8 concs)
can be booked through the Hub, in person or
Online:   www.hubtickets.co.uk or c/o www.festivalofspirituality.org.uk
email: boxoffice@hubtickets.co.uk 
Tel: 0131-473-2000
Bookings open  NOW.

Tickets can be bought on the day of performance at the venue, but early booking via the Hub  is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Old MacDonald had a Farm for Africa 
This 12 month project has been devised by Poets Liz Lochhead and Jim Carruth and supported by Oxfam is looking to set up a number of farms across Africa. Each farm will provide communities with clucking, mooing and baaing livestock, which besides the noise will produce enough eggs, milk and fertiliser to benefit many families. 
Each farm will cost £482 and the aim of the project is to raise enough money for as many farms within the year up till the 1st April 2013

To find out more about this charity or to donate click on https://www.justgiving.com/Stephanie-Green6
You will find me listed under Jim Carruth's Team of Young MacDonalds.