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Stephie (alias Stephanie Green)

Beginning to see the light/learn to sing

at the Fionna Duncan event at The Lot, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, August, 2007





at the Fionna Duncan event ,St Mark's Uniterian Church,

Edinburgh, August 2008




Liane Carroll

Sophie Bancroft

Niki King

Dave Gill

Joanne Taylor

Kathleen Graham

Jess Abrams

Yiddish Song Project - Jazz/Tango/Roots Music

Lorna Reid

 Trine Agerbo Kvartet

Kaela Rowan

Tessa Souter - jazz meets flamenco



VIDEOS - Enjoy

Boroughmuir Jazz Trio plays St. Thomas. James Harding, my son and Gordon Douglas and Vanessa McWilliam

Anita O'Day - Sweet Georgia Brown

 Mein  Herr - Ute Lemper

Ella Fitzgerald - scat singing

Edith Piaf  - Hymne de l'amour 

Earth Kitt - I want to be evil

Diana Damrau as Queen of the Night

Phillipe JarousskyPhillippe Jaroussky - counter tenor

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Charles Hazlewood in South Africa

Kecak Dance, Uluwatu, Bali

Nina Simone - cats

 Dispute between Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie

Tango - from Babaz

Wuthering Heights and Shivering Goat

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         Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz course,  at St. Mark's   Church,  Edinburgh,    

                                                     August 2008            

Back row l to r:

Jayne Glass, Susan Mitchell, Toni Van Leeuwan, Georgia Colins, Agatha Uchendu,  Julia Geroge, Trine Agerbo Carlsen, Bob Allan, Marcia McDougall, Jules Craig  

Middle Row: Lindsey Sumerling, Helen MacAlan, Lorna Reid, Kaela Rowan, Steph Green, Pam Lawson, Luisa Martin

Front row: tutors Sophie Bancroft and Fionna Duncan with Fidelia Odili.  




Fionna Duncan Vocal Jazz course at St. Mary's Music School, Edinburgh, August, 2007

(Front row from l to r) Emma McGlinchey, Joanne Taylor, visiting daughter (name?), Maria Maguire, Linda Dury, Fionna Duncan (in red), Sue, Lisa Vickers,

(Back row from l to r) Liane Carroll, Annalise Elam, Alex Barber, Morag McCall, Colin Smith  

Rehearsals with the Trio. What a privilege for a beginner like me to sing with such a line up.

Brian Kellock - piano, Ronnie Rae-bass and Ed Crow - drums.



The tutors: Fionna Duncan and Sophie Bancroft



Liane Carroll - sorry about the blurred photo, but gives best idea of Liane's style of leading a workshop