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Journalism and Theatre Reviews by Stephanie Green


Glasgow Review of Books
Glasgow Review of Books:  2014

Glasgow Review of Books  Edinburgh Book Festival, 2014: 
Jackie Kay 'Inside a Woman's Mind':  on 'Reality, Reality' short stories and a few poems from 'Fiere';
Sweet Potato and Callaloo: Poets of the Caribbean Diaspora;

StAnza Guest Blogger
(Scotland's Poetry Festival, St Andrews)
March  2012 and 2013  See StAnza Blog

What I'm Looking Forward to at StAnza 2013;
Sean Borodale workshop at Balmungo House; and Lucilla Sims, artist;
Sean Borodale, Gillian Clarke's StAnza Lecture and Liz Lochhead;
Douglas Dunn's workshop at Balmungo House and Jean Johnstone, artist;
Poetry Out of Line and by Design;
Nature Poetry and Ecopoetry;
Unmapped (Anna King and Rebecca Sharp) and Welsh Poetry.

What I'm Looking Forward to at StAnza 2012;
Poetic Larceny: Kwame Dawes;
Tea, Cakes and a Chat with Jackie Kay; the Art of the Two Ruaridhs;
Stereoscopes and Dual Perspectives;
Was it All a Dream?



From Aug 2017 reviewing Edinburgh Fringe and from Aug 2018 Edinburgh Fringe and International for Broadway Baby
From Aug 2011-16 Edinburgh International Festivals and Fringe:  reviews or interviews
and from 2016 all year round  in The Skinny 

Work in progress. (I'm uploading all my reviews into this Blog but it's taking forever. In the meantime, you can read all reviews via the online publications themselves as above.)

 Dance Reviews:
 'She Persisted...'Triple bill (ENB at Sadlers Wells, 2019)
 Bon 4 Bon (Fringe 2018)
 Un Poyo Rojo (Fringe, 2017)
 Pina Bausch Sweet Mambo  (EIF, 2014)
 Madame Freedom  (EIF, 2013)

Theatre Reviews:
Nirbhaya (Fringe, 2013)

Alan Bissett (Fringe, 2013);
83 year old Diana Payne Myers, who appeared in 'A Conversation with Carmel' produced by Glasgow-based Barrowland Ballet Company, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Aug, 2011,  


BrUnima Bulletin (The journal of British Centre of Union Internationale de la Marionette)
An academic publication on world puppetry, traditional and alternative theatre arts.

Guest Editor for July 2001 edition of Brunima Bulletin 107.

The Man who Planted Trees, Puppetstate Theatre,  at the Columcille Centre, Morningside, Edinburgh, 2006;
A Brush with the Emperor, Collaborators Theatre Company at Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre, Glasgow,  November, 2002.
Torsk, Volcano Theatre Company, Restless Gravity Festival, Aberystwyth, Wales, July, 2001;
The Girl who Cut Flowers, Horse and Bamboo Lancashire-based Theatre Company, Tullamore, Ireland, July, 2001.
How the Raven Freed the Moon and the Thunderer, Scottish-based Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre in Ludlow, 2000;
Schneckenburger Puppet Exhibition, Prague,  in Newsletter, May 1999.

Urals Festival September 2000 (an overview of the week-long festival in Cheliabinsk), March, 2001.
Dance Dramas, Topeng, Gender Workshops and Mask-Makers in Bali, July, 2000.
Wayang Kulit in Bali, an account of meeting the dalang, (priest/puppeteer) Wayan Wija, and watching a temple performance, No.103, March, 2000.

The Puppetry Journal (published by the Puppeteers of America, Minneapolis, MN,  USA)
Celebration, Community, Wonder, Ritual in the Heart of the Beast, a profile of the Artistic Director, Sandy Spieler,
Fall, 1999;

Puppetry International (published by Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, GA, USA)
Urals Festival,  (over-view of week-long festival in Cheliabinsk, Russia. An edited version of article which appeared in BrUnima Bulletin in March 2001), Fall 2001;

Animations magazine: a review of puppetry and related theatre. A colour magazine for practitioners.
Lorca's Yerma, performed by Galloglass, a Clonmel-based company, Ireland, performance in Aberystwyth,  Autumn, 2000;

Cover photo: a Kayon from Bali, Year 23 No 4 April/May 2000;

Punch Liberation Front and Panic Puppets, (On Punch Professor Panic aka Chris Maddocks) Year 23 No 3 Feb/Mar 2000;

In the Heart of the Beast, (on the May Day community project, involving 2,000 people, Minneapolis, USA) Year 23, No 2 Dec 1999/Jan 2000;

The Zen of Puppetry, an interview with Josef Krofta, of Drak Theatre, Hradis Kralove, Czech Republic, Year 22 No 6 Aug/Sept 1999;

Going along for the ride and a certain je ne said quoi (on  AMAC theatre company in Paris),Year 22 No 5 June/July 1999;

Voyages to the Interior: Phillipe Genty, an interview in Paris with the legendary director whose alternative theatre work defies categories (involving dancers and puppets in vast auditoriums), Year 22 No 4 April/May 1999;

Santy and the Cycling Fish (on giant puppets, making and  street procession (Small World, Wales-based company in collaboration with Galloglass theatre company in Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland), Year 22 No 3 Feb/March 1999.

General Features (Print version only)
Numerous for The Cambrian News, Aberystwyth from 1988-95.

A selection of the most interesting Interviews with:

On the company, Laura Ashley's 40th Anniversary, Mike Overton, Buying and Manufacturing Director and Moira Braybrooke, Heritage Collection Director, Carno, 7th May, 1993;

Ruth Lambert, owner of the Lambert Collection at the MOMA, Y Tabernacl, Machynlleth, 2nd April, 1993;

Bernard Roberts, international pianist, at Theatre Ardydwy, Harlech, 2nd Oct, 1992;

Jim Perrin, acclaimed rock-climber, travel writer and journalist, 3rd Jan, 1992;

Deilwen Evans, President of CADNO (the Welsh-language anti-nuclear watch dog society) at Trawsfynydd, 27th Dec, 1991;

David Firth, Chairman of Snowdonia National Park Society, 25th Oct, 1991;

William Condry, naturalist and writer, also of the Guardian's 'Country Diary', at Ynys Las,  11th Oct, 1991.

Ghost-writing Martyn Lewis, broadcaster and Chairman of DFY and others in the Annual Report for Drive for Youth (charity based in Gwynedd and London) for a presentation at The House of Commons, Nov, 1993.

Numerous features for Cornish Life magazine, including:

'A World of its Own: the IMS (International Musicians' Seminar) at Prussia Cove', an interview with Hilary Behrens, March, 1984;