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Poetry by Stephanie Green 
collaborations with artistes in other media: painting, light installation, dance and sound.

2020              'Berlin Umbrella' appears at StAnza, the Scottish Poetry Festival in St Andrews, 2020; plus
                       accompanying exhibition 'Berlin Water' by Valerie Coffin Price.

2018              A collaboration with Sound Artist,  Sonja Heyer on 'Berlin Umbrella' a site-specific  'aural walk' 
                      produced by Lettretage and performed in Viktoria Park, Kreuzberg, Berlin in June, 2018. 

2017              A poetry and electronic soundscape collaboration with Mark Harding. Work in progress.

2015/16         Working on a collaboration with Sound Artist, Sonja Heyer on 'Berlin Umbrella' a site-specific
                      'aural walk' 

2015, Dec.    'Ayre' from Flout (HappenStance, 2015) inspired a dance piece choreographed by Matthew Hawkins 
                      and was performed by Platinum Dance at the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh. See my Blog on Ayre  

2015, Nov.    'Light' was part of an installation in the 'Dark Closes' project in Dumfries; 

2015, Oct     'Honesty' a watercolour by Jean Ashcroft was inspired by my poem of that name and the two exhibited                        together at the Ladybank Art Gallery, in the old Station Master's House, Fife. See Blog for view of 
                     picture, Honesty.

2013, June   'The Child of Breckon Sands'  from Flout (HappenStance, 2015) was set to music for voice and 
                     piano by Marisa Sharon Hartanto and performed by mezzo-soprano,  Alison Wells at a Masterclass
                     in the Peedie Kirk, part of the St Magnus Festival, Orkney, 2013. See my Blog on my selkie poem