Stephanie Green Poet and Writer

Poet, novelist and playwright.

Creative Writing Workshop facilitator for all ages.

Dance and Theatre critic.



Poetry Readings 




Workshops for Schools and Adults                       Mentoring and Poetry MS Feedback  








Stephanie at Skerries, County Dublin, with a view of  the Mountains  of Mourne 
 in the  background, sitting  on the seat dedicated to her  ancestor, Percy French,
 who composed  the song 'The Mountains of  Mourne sweep down to the sea'. 

Recipient of New Writer Award 2007, several Creative 
Scotland Awards (2010-15), selected for Best Poems
published in Scotland (2004/5). Writer in Residence at the
Glass department, Edinburgh Art College (2004-5) and 
resulting pamphlet shortlisted for the Callum McDonald
Award (2005/6). Shortlisted in the Strokestown (2009) and 
the Bridport (2015) international competitions.

Her poetry pamphlet 'Flout' (HappenStance, 2015) was 
inspired by Shetland landscape, folklore and music.
'Berlin Umbrella' a poetry/sound collaboration with Sonja
Heyer launched in Berlin, 2018 and  appeared at StAnza
in 2020 supported by Creative Scotland, the British Council,
Berlin and the Goethe Institut, Glasgow. 

She has collaborated with many other artists from other
media, including a composer at the St Magnus festival, 
Orkney, a visual artist, a choreographer and as part of a
light installation. 

 'Poetry in the Persian Tent' was a 5-day 
(one hour each day) mini-festival of poetry and music in
Edinburgh, 2012 organised by Stephanie including poets
John Glenday, Jackie Kay, Marie Howe, Liz Lochhead and 
many others.

Currently she is co-selector of poets with founder and m.c. 
Milla Van Der Have of PoetryLit, an online monthly poetry 
event. Started to counteract lockdown blues, it has proved
immensely popular and attracts global audiences. 

She has one novel for teenagers  published 'The Triple Spiral'
(Walker  Books, 1989) and has had broadcast 4 scripts on
 BBC Schools, Radio.

To watch a vimeo about Berlin Umbrella 
                           click here.


See Stephanie's  BLOG  and a guest post from Sonja on the 
background, process and development of 'Berlin Umbrella.'



Stephanie's Blog post on the dance piece choreographed by Mathew
Hawkins inspired by her poem 'Ayre.' Click .here

To listen to Stephanie read 'How to be a Fox' 

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Poetry and Sound collaboration 

with Mark Harding.

To listen to Stephanie read 'Unst' to Mark's 

electronic soundscape


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