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Novel for Teenagers

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Edinburgh Review Issue 130: Wynd

From Glasgow to Saturn

St. Mungo's Mirrorball

Northwords Now   

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Scotland's 20 Best Poems   2004-5                                    See Scottish poetry library 

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 Scottish Poetry Library

Review of  'The Parrot' in 'The Knuckle End'


Novel for teenagers:
'The Triple Spiral', Walker Books, 1989.


Poetry Pamphlets

A poetry pamphlet inspired by Shetland will be published  by HappenStance Press in 2015.  Title to be confirmed.

'Glass Works' (Cat's Pyjamas Publications, 2005). Shortlisted for the Callum MacDonald Award, 2006;

See : Scottish Pamphlet Poetry

£6  For sale via the author direct.

Poems published online
'The Njuggle'  in Northwords Now, Spring, 2012, (also hard copy);

'My Lover, the Shetland Trowie' and ''The De'il Tak the Minister'  published in Northwords Now, Summer 2010 (also hard copy);

'Geertje Dircks' Riposte from the Gouda Spinhuis' in From Glasgow to Saturn, the Glasgow MLit online magazine; 

'The Branks' in St. Mungo's Mirrorball, Glasgow Poets online;

'Meadow Lane Riffs'  on the Scottish Poetry Library's website, 2005. (Selected as 'one of the Best 20 Poems published by a writer living in Scotland during 2004'.)

 Poems published in Literary Magazines:
'What must not be spoken on water'  in The New Shetlander, no. 265,  Hairst (Autumn) issue, 2013.

'Stac an Armin, St Kilda' in  Orbis, spring, 2013;

'The Njuggle'  in Northwords Now, spring edition, 2012;

'Iona Sonnets' (a sequence) have been accepted by Chapman  and will be published in the next edition;

'The Wind's Rant' and 'Scorie'  published in the Edinburgh Review, Issue 130, Autumn 2010; 

'My Lover, the Shetland Trowie' and ''The De'il Tak the Minister'  published in Northwords Now, Summer 2010 (also online);

'A Salmon's Bolt', After the Gales' and 'St. Kildan Elegy' in Northwords Now, April, 2009;

'Pentre Ne' and 'Oran's Harrowing of Hell' in Poetry Scotland, Autumn, 2008.

''The Branks' , 'Diana the Virgin' and 'A Question of Perspective' in Quattrocento, 2005.

'Meadow Lane Riffs' and 'Alternative Hats' in The Red Wheelbarrow (published by the English department, University of St. Andrews), 2004;

'The Lunatic Laundress' in New Writing Scotland 21: Milking the Haggis (ASLS), 2004;

'Craigmillar Bairn' in Poetry Wales, Summer 2002;

'Pears in Wooden Bowl' and 'Hill Farm in Winter' in Northwords, 2001;

'Three Women in the Kitchen' in The New Welsh Review, spring 1993;

'Hare' in Writing Women, Vol. 6, No: 2.

 Poems published in Anthologies
'Veriditas' to be published in forthcoming celebration of Hildegard de Bingen, co-publication by Wyvern Works and Thesaura Naturae as part of the Poetry on the Lake Festival, 2012;

'Stac an Armin' in Bestiario (Wyvern Works, Italy, 2012) the 12th Poetry on the Lake Festival;

'Wee Nippy Sweeties' in Clockworks (left in carriages on the Glasgow subway), 2012;

'The Hand that Sees'  in Reflections on Lake Orta (Wyvern Works, Italy, 2010), the 10th anniversary anthology of the Poetry on the Lake Festival;

'Tontine Ghosts' in Hidden City 5 edited by Rachel Jury (Dancing Rabbit Productions, September 2009) in association with ConFAB.

'Pentre Ne' in Storm at Galesburg & Other Stories and Poems (Cinnamon Press, August, 2009).

'Blue' in  A Skein of Geese (Shed Press), the 101 Poets anthology at the StAnza Festival, 2007, published in 2008.

'Float Glass'  published in Only Connect edited by Gail Ashton and Jan Fortune-Wood (Cinnamon Press, December, 2007)

'A Breath of Fresh Air on the Glasgow M8, Junction 18' published in Hidden City 2 edited by Rachel Jury (Dancing Rabbit Productions, October, 2006) in association with  ConFAB.

'Embra Buses'  in The Thing that Mattered Most,  a poetry anthology for children, edited by Julie Johnstone (published  by  Black and White Publishing, May 2006.)

'Hill Farm in Winter'  and 'Night Kitchen ' in The Lie of the Land edited by Jan Fortune-Wood (Cinnamon Press), May 2006;

'The Parrot' in The Knuckle End  Anthology selected by Bernard MacLaverty, Jenny Brown and Aonghais MacNeacail (Freight Publications ), 2004;

'And then he is gone'  in the Blodeuwedd Anthology, edited by Edmund Cusick (Headland Publications), 2002;

'The Little Wind Goddess' in Curves and Lines, edited by Stephanie Green, an anthology of poems in response to the M.O.M.A. collection, Machynlleth (Tabernal Publications), 1998.

'Three Women in the Kitchen' in New Poetry Review Wales, spring 1993;


Poems published in newspapers/non-literary magazines/other venues

'Paganini's Template in a Shetland Barn' printed on a poster on display in a public toilet in Shetland, part of the Bards in the Bog competition, April, 2012;

'My Luve', a tribute to Burns, displayed on a window pane in Dumfries, part of Burns' Windows project, Jan 2012;

'Dancers' (from 'Glass Works') in The Herald, Glasgow, 19.5.2006.

Permission was given in 2009  for the use of 'Tontine Ghosts' in the post-colonial studies course at Napier University, Edinburgh.

Permission was given in 1999 for the use of  'New Mother' in the Post-Natal Depression Unit (in-house publication), Newtown, Wales..


'Mulberry and Silk' written by Stephanie Green and Zoe Meyer ( Sage Press, 2003).

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