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Nov 26th           My poem 'Grimsey Island, May 2017' will appear in 'Channel' magazine.
                         I will also be reading it at the online launch, Nov 26th on Zoom at 8 p.m.

Nov 3rd            I will read my poem 'Platform 17, Grunewald, Berlin' as part of Dove Tales'
                         'Day of the Dead' event to be recorded on Zoom, and then available on You Tube.

Oct  24th          I will be taking part in an online reading 'The Alternative Poetry on the Lake',
                        the Festival which is usually held in Orta San Giulio, N. Italy. 

Oct 2nd, Fri    7-8.30pm GMT  Delighted to be a Featured Poet along with Hugh Mcmillan  
                       reading  as part of Milla van der Have's  Poetry Lit. Online c/o Eventbrite.

Sept, 22nd    7 p.m.  I will read  my poem, 'A Prayer for Peace, (Aug was 75th anniversary of 
                      Hiroshima) as part of a  Dove Tales event online. See Dove Tales webpage.

Sept 4th         7.00pm-8.30pm GMT I have an Open Mic slot at an online poetry reading in 
                      Utrecht, hosted by Milla van der Have. 

Sept on          I am reading online as part of a podcast of the Seamus Heaney Poetry Summer 
                      School participants available c/o Queens University, Belfast web page.
Aug               'Desire Paths' appears in Bill Herbert and Andy Jackson's 'New Boots and 
                      Pantisocracies', pestilence poems. (Online blog).

July               My poem responding to the photograph of a polar bear by the Norwegian
                     explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize 
                     laureate, Fridtjof Nansen has been accepted in a project organised by
                     StAnza and the St Andrews Museum.  

                     Poems will be published in an ebook anthology and include feedback 
                     from Juana  Adcock.
                     You can read more about Nansen at this link:

July                A thank you to Hugh Mcmillan for featuring me on his blog 'From the Back Room'
                      as part of his  Pestilence Poems  project. which will be run some time at beginning
                      of July. Viewable on FaceBook. Includes a video of me reading.

June-July       Delighted to have been accepted onto the Seamus Heaney Centre, (Queen's 
                      University,  Belfast)  Poetry Summer School. Online due to Covid.

Fri 6th-Sun 8th March  
                       Delighted that  'Berlin Umbrella', (which launched in Berlin in 2018) has been 
                       confirmed as appearing at  StAnza, Scotland's poetry festival in St Andrews. 

                      This is an aural walk, a poetry/sound collaboration between myself as poet
                      and Sonja Heyer, as sound  artist. Participants listen to recordings within special 
                      umbrellas and go on a self- directed walk.

                      The three of us will also take part in a Meet the Artist 
                      event on Sat 11.30-12.15 to talk about the genesis and process of the 3-way 

                      More on Sonja Heyer .
                      Valerie Coffin Price, the artist, has also responded to
                      the poems with art-work entitled 'Berlin Water'.
                     This will be exhibited at the Byre Theatre, level 4
                      during the festival. 

                      Meet the Artist 
                     event on Sat 11.30-12.15  We will talk about the 
                      genesis and process of the 3-way collaboration.              .  



Nov 12th, Tues   
                     'Hanmer's Agate' (first published in Magma) will be published in  Dove Tales' 
                     latest Anthology  'Walls or Bridges'.  I will be reading it at the launch at Lighthouse 
                     Bookshop, West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. 7p.m.

Sept.             'Crimson' will be published in New Writing Scotland, 37
                     (ASLS) and there will be launch readings in Edinburgh and Glasgow.TBC.

July 18th, Thurs 
                      Delighted I will be reading at the West Cork Literary Festival Fringe in Bantry, 
                      S/W Ireland at the Organico cafe, at  4.30pm.

June 2nd, Sunday      
                       Reading at the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens as part of the Dean Poets:
                       Vicki Feaver, Anna Crowe, Jane McKie, Paula Jennings and Patricia Ace 
                       Venue: the Botanical Cottage,  3-5pm. £12 (£10 members) includes tea and
                       scones.   A fund-raising for the Botanical Gardens.