Float Glass
by Stephanie Green

Stained Glass  by Carina Sutherland



What if I were to slice the top off the sea

and let it float up to ride the winds?

It would roll, dip and soar,

a translucent blue, bluer than any blue

or green because the light is always changing.

At times it will be transparent or opaque.

Bubbles will rise to the surface.

It will be cold. Any hotter and colour is compromised.

White flecks will puncture the surface:

gannets or waves, or the scattered frit of spume?

You know that light is always brighter

when the surface is scratched.

I will snatch it out of the air,

fold it up and put it in my pocket

until concrete and crowds get too much.

Then I will take it, unfold it and shake out

my slice of sea and sky and breathe in

the ozone, so pure it burns.


Published in 'Glass Works', Cat's Pyjamas Publications, 2005 and in

'Only Connect' an anthology published by Cinnamon Press, 2007.