ConFAB event.  Stephanie was commissioned to write a poem

inspired by a mystery site in the heart of Glasgow City and take

part in an open-air  performance at the site  on 8th October, 2006

 along with Larry Butler, Lorna Callery, Martin O'Connor,

Anita Govan, Rowena M. Love, Tracy Patrick and Derek Read.

 The results were published in an anthology 'Hidden City 2'

edited by Rachel Jury (Dancing Rabbit Productions, 2006) 



Architecture in Scotland 2004-2006 Defining Place, exhibition at the Lighthouse,

National Centre for Architecture, Glasgow during June 16-25th, 2006.

Stephanie took part in a project aligned to the above exhibition where members

of the public from various backgrounds, and professions  were asked to take

 photos in Glasgow or Edinburgh of My (Special) Place, A Good Place, A Bad

Place and an Unexpected Place.   Stephanie and Christine de Lucca  were the

two poets who took part.